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A Absolute Zero, Accelerator, Angstrom, Antiparticle, Arc Degree, Arc Second, Atom, Accuracy, Achromatic lens, Action-Reaction Forces, Activity, Adhesion, Air Resistance, Alpha Decay, Alpha Particle, Ammeter, Amorphous solid, Ampere, Amplitude, Angle of Incidence, Angle of Reflection, Angle of Refraction, Angular Momentum, Annihilation, Antenna, Antineutrino, Antinodes, Archimedes’ Principle, Artificial Radioactivity, Atomic Mass Unit, Atomic Number, Average Acceleration, Average Velocity
B Big Bang, Black Hole, Bohr Model, Bremsstrahlung, Bubble Chamber, Back-EMF, Band Theory, Baryon, Battery, Beat, Bernoulli’s Principle, Beta Decay, Beta Particle, Binding Energy, Boiling Point, Breeder Reactor, Buoyant Force
C CGS, Chromospheres, Circular Accelerator, Collider, Color, Contour Map, Convection, Convection Zone, Corona, Calorimeter, Candela, Capacitance, Capacitor, Capillary Action, Carnot Efficiency, Centripetal Force, Chain Reaction, Charged, Charging by Conduction, Charging by Induction, Chromatic Aberration, Circular Motion, Clock Reading, Closed Isolated System, Closed-Pipe Resonator, Coefficient of Friction, Coefficient of linear Expansion, Coefficient of Volume Expansion, Coherent Waves, Cohesive Force, Complementary Color, Compound Machine, Compton Effect, Concave Lens, Concave Mirror, Conduction Band, Conductor, Conserved Properties, Consonance, Constant Acceleration, Constant Velocity, Constructive Interference, Conventional Current, Converging Lens, Convex Lens, Convex Mirror, Cosine, Coulomb, Crest of Wave, Critical Angle, Crystal Lattice
D Density, De Broglie Wavelength, Decibel, Dependent Variable, Derived Units, Destructive Interference, Diffraction, Diffraction Grating, Diffuse Reflection, Dimensional Analysis, Diode, Dispersion of Light, Displacement, Dissonance, Distance, Diverging Lens, Dopants, Doppler Shift, Dynamics
E Electromagnetic Force, Electromagnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Electron, Electron Cloud Model, Electron Flux, Electron Volt, Electron Volt (eV), Energy Flux, Erg, Effective Current, Effective Voltage, Efficiency, Effort Force, Elastic Collision, Elasticity, Electrical Charge Pump, Electrical Circuit, Electrical Current, Electrical Field, Electric Field Lines, Electric Field Strength, Electric Generator, Electric Potential, Electric Potential Difference, Electric Potential Energy, Electromagnet, Electromagnetic Induction, Electromagnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic Waves, Electromotive Force, Electron Cloud, Electron Diffraction, Electron Gas Model, Electroscope, Electrostatics, Electroweak Force, Elementary Charge, Emission Spectrum, Energy, Energy Levels, Entropy, Equilibrant Force, Equilibrium, Equivalent Resistance, Evaporation, Excited State, External Forces, Extrinsic Semiconductor
F Flare (Solar), Flare Star, Footpoint, Free Electron, Frequency, Factor-label Method, Farad, Ferromagnetic Materials, First Harmonic, First law of Thermodynamics, Fluid, Focal Length, Focal Point, Forbidden Gap, Force, Frame of Reference, Fraunhofer Lines, Friction, Fundamental Particles, Fundamental Tone, Fundamental Units, Fuse, Fusion
G Gamma Ray, Geomagnetic Storm, Geosynchronous Orbit, GeV, Gluon, Graviton, Gravity, Galvanometer, Gamma Decay, Gamma Particle, Gas, Geiger-Mueller Tube, Grand Unified Theories, Gravitational Field, Gravitational Force, Gravitational Mass, Gravitational Potential Energy, Graviton, Ground state, Grounding
H Hadron, Heavy ion, Hertz, Hydromagnetic Wave, Half-life, Harmonics, Heat, Heat Engine, Heat of Fusion, Heat of Vaporization, Heavy Water, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Hole, Hooke’s Law, Huygens’ Wavelets, Hydraulic System, Hyperbola, Hypotenuse
I Intensity Map, Ion, Ionization, Ionosphere, Isotope, Ideal Mechanical advantage, Illuminance, Illuminated object, Image, Impulse, Impulse-Momentum Theorem, Incandescent Body, Incident Wave, Incoherent light, Independent Variable, Index of Refraction, Inelastic collision, Inertia, Inertial Mass, Initial Velocity, Instantaneous Acceleration, Instantaneous Position, Instantaneous Velocity, Insulator, Interference Fringes, Interference of Waves, Internal Forces, Intrinsic Semiconductor, Inverse Relationship, Ionizing Radiation, Isolated System
J Joule, Joule heating
K Kelvin, Kelvin temperature scale, keV, Kilometer, Kepler’s Laws, Kilogram, Kilowatt Hour, Kinematics, Kinetic Energy, Kinetic-Molecular Energy
L Lepton, Linear Accelerator, Laser, Laser- Induced Fusion, Law of conservation of energy, Law of Reflection, Law of Universal Gravitation, Lens, Lens Equation, Lenz’s law, Lever Arm, Light, Linear Relationship, Linear Restoring Force, Liquid, Lodestone, Longitudinal Waves, Loudness, Lumen, Luminance Intensity, Luminous Flux, Luminous Object, Lux
M Macrocosm, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Field Lines, Megaton, MeV, Machine Magnification, Manipulated Variable, Mass Defect, Mass Number, Mass Spectrometer, Matter Wave, Mechanical Advantage, Mechanical Energy, Mechanical Resonance, Mechanical Wave, Melting Point, Meson, Meter, Mirror Equation, Moderator, Momentum, Monochromatic Light, Mutual Inductance, Myopia
N Neutrino, Neutron, Nonthermal Particle, Nonthermal Radiation, Nuclear physics, Nucleon, Nucleus, Nucleus (pl. nuclei), N-Type Semiconductor, Net Force, Neutral, Newton, Newton’s Law of Motion, Node, Normal, Normal Force, Nuclear Equation, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Reaction, Nuclear Reactor, Nuclear Transmutation, Nuclide,
O Optical Radiation, Orbital Period, Object, Octave, Ohm, Ohm’s Law, Opaque, Open-Pipe Resonator
P Phase transition, Photon, Photosphere, Pion, Plasma, Poloidal Radius, Proton, Pulsar, P-Type Semiconductor, Pair Production, Parabolic Mirror, Parallel Circuit, Parallel Connection, Pascal, Pascal’s Principle, Period, Periodic Motion, Photoelectric Effect, Photovoltaic Cell, Physics, Piezoelectricity, Pigment, Pitch, Planck’s Constant, Plane Mirror, Point Object, Polarized Light, Position, Position-Time Graph, Potential Difference, Potential Energy, Potentiometer, Power, Precision, Pressure, Primary Coil, Primary Light Colors, Primary Pigment, Principal Axis, Principle of Superposition, Projectiles
Q Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), Quark, Quark-gluon plasma (QGP), Quasar, Quantized, Quantum Mechanic, Quantum Model of Atom, Quantum Number, Quark Model
R Radiation Belt, Relativistic, RHIC, Radiation, Radioactive Decay, Radioactive Materials, Range of Projectile, Ray Model of Light, Ray Optics, Rayleigh Criterion, Real Image, Receiver, Reference Level, Reference Point, Refraction, Refractive Index, Resistance, Resistance Force, Resistor, Responding Variable, Rest Energy, Resultant, Right-Hand Rules, Rutherford’s Model of Atom
S Solar Atmosphere, Solar Limb, South Atlantic Anomaly, Spectral Line, Spectrograph, Spectrometer, Spectrum, Speed of light, Spin, Strong Force, Subatomic particle, Sunspot, Superconductor, Surface Plot, Scalar, Schematic Diagram, Scientific Notation, Scintillation, Second, Second Law of Thermodynamics, Secondary Coil, Secondary Light Colors, Secondary Pigment, Self-Inductance, Semiconductor, Series Circuit, Series Connection, Short Circuit, SI, Significant Digit, Simple Harmonic Motion, Simple Machine, Sine, Sliding Friction, Slope, Solid, Sound Level, Spark Chamber, Specific Heat, Spectroscope, Speed, Spherical Aberration, Standing Wave, Static Friction, Step-Down Transformer, Step-Up Transformer, Stimulated Emission, Strong Nuclear Force, Surface Wave, Symmetry, Synchrotron, System
T TeV, Thermal Gas, Thermal Particle, Thermal Radiation, Thermonuclear Fusion, Toroidal Radius, Tangent, Temperature, Terminal Velocity, Test Charge, Thermal Energy, Thermal Equilibrium, Thermal Expansion, Thermometer, Thermonuclear Reaction, Thin-Film Interference, Timbre, Time Interval, Tokamak, Tone Color, Torque, Trajectory, Transformer, Transistor, Translucent, Transmutation, Transparent, Transverse Waves, Traveling Wave, Trigonometry, Trough of Wave
U Unified Field Theory, Universal Time, Uniform acceleration, Uniform Circular Motion
V Van Allen Belts, Valence Band, Vector Quantity, Vector Resolution, Velocity, Velocity-Time Graph, Virtual Image, Viscous Fluid, Volatile Liquid
W Wavelength, Weak Force, White Light, Watt, Wave Pulse, Weak Boson, Weak Interaction, Weight, Weightlessness, Wilson Cloud Chamber, Work, Work Function, Work Energy Theorem
X X-ray, X-ray Diffraction, X-ray Images
Y Young's Modulus
Z Zero-Point Energy

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