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Neutrino - A very small system, such as an atom.

Neutron - An electrically neutral elementary particle. A neutron is 1839 times heavier than an electron.

Nonthermal Particle - A particle that is not part of a thermal gas. These particles cannot be described by a conventional temperature.

Nonthermal Radiation - Radiation emitted by nonthermal electrons.

Nuclear physics - The study of the atom's nucleus, and the interactions of its parts.

Nucleon - Any particle, such as a proton or neutron, in the nucleus of an atom.

Nucleus - The positively charged core of an atom, consisting of protons and neutrons (except for hydrogen), around which electrons orbit.

Nucleus (pl. nuclei) - The center of an atom, consisting of one or more protons and associated neutrons.

N-Type Semiconductor - Semiconductor in which current is carried by electrons.

Net Force - Vector sum of forces on object.

Neutral - Object that has no net electric charge.

Newton - SI unit of force.

Newton’s Law of Motion - Laws relating force and acceleration.

Node - Point where disturbances caused by two or more waves result in no displacement.

Normal - Perpendicular to plane of interest.

Normal Force - Force perpendicular to surface.

Nuclear Equation - Equation representing a nuclear reaction.

Nuclear Fission - Reaction in which large nucleus splits into two parts, often approximately equal in mass.

Nuclear Fusion - Reaction in which two nuclei are combined into one.

Nuclear Reaction - Reaction involving the strong force in which the number of protons or neutrons in a nucleus changes.

Nuclear Reactor - Device in which nuclear fusion is used to generate electricity.

Nuclear Transmutation - Change of one nucleus into another as the result of a nuclear reaction.

Nuclide - Nucleus of an Isotope.

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