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Space and Solar

Space & Solar Glossary Terms
Dictionary and Definitions


A, A Index, AAAS, AACS, AAS, AC, Active, Active Dark Filament (Adf), Active Longitude, Active Prominence, Active Prominence Region (Apr), Active Region (Ar), Active Surge Region (Asr), Afred, ALT, AM, AMMOS, Amor, Angstrom, AO, AOS, Ap Index, Aphelion, Apoapsis, Apogee, Apojove, Apollo, Apolune, Apselene, Arch Filament System (Afs), Argument, Argument of periapsis, Ascending node, Asteroids, Astronomical Unit (Au), Aten, Attometer, AU, Aurora, Auroral Oval, Autumnal Equinox, AZ, Å
B Bartel's Rotation Number, Barycenter, Beacon, Bi-phase, Billion, BOT, BPS, Bright Surge On The Disk (Bsd), Bright Surge On The Limb (Bsl), BSF, Burst, BVR, BWG
C c, C&DH, C-band, Caltech, Carrier, Carrington Longitude, Cassegrain, CCD, CCS, CCSDS, CDR, CDS, CDSCC, CDU, Centimeter, Centimeter Burst, Central Meridian Passage (Cmp), Centrifugal force , Centripetal acceleration, CGPM, Channel, Chromosphere, Chromospheric Events, CIT, CMC, CMD, CNES, Coherent, Coma, Comets, Comprehensive Flare Index (Cfi), Conjugate Points, Continuum Storm (Ctm), Coordinated Universal Time (Utc), Corona, Coronal Hole, Coronal Rain (Crn), Coronal Transients, Cosmic Ray, CRAF, Crochet, CRS, CRT
D D Region, Dark Surge On Disk (Dsd)., DC, DEC, Declination, Descending node, Differential Rotation, Disappearing Solar Filament (Dsf), Disk, DKF, Doppler effect, Downlink, DSCC, DSMS, DSN, DSOTDSS, Dst Index, Dyne
E E, E Region, Earth, Eccentricity, Ecliptic, EDR, EHz, EL, Ellipse, ELV, EM, Emerging Flux Region (Efr), EMF, EMR, EOT, Equator, Equinox, ERC, ERT, Eruptive, Eruptive Prominence On Limb (Epl), ESA, ET, eV, Extrasolar planet, Extreme Ultraviolet (Euv), Extremely Low Frequency (Elf)
F F, F Corona, F Region, Facula, FDS, FE, Femtometer, Fibril, Filament, Filament Channel, Flare, Fluence, Fluorescence, Flux, fm, Fmin, Foes, Fof2, Forbush Decrease, FTS, FY
G G, Gal, Galaxy, Galilean satellites, Gamma, Gamma rays, Gauss, GCF, GDS, GDSCC, GEO, Geomagnetic Elements, Geomagnetic Field, Geomagnetic Storm, Geophysical Events, Geostationary, Geosynchronous, GHz, GLL, GMT, Gradual Commencement, Granulation, Gravitation, Gravitational waves, Gravity assist, Gravity waves, Great circle, Green Line, Ground-Level Event (Gle), GSSR, GTL, GTO
H h, H-Alpha., H-Component Of The Geomagnetic Field., HA, HEF, Heliocentric, Heliopause, Heliosphere, HEMT, HGA, High Energy Event, High Frequency (Hf), High Latitudes, High-Speed Stream, Hohmann Transfer Orbit, Homologous Flares, Horizon, Hour Angle, Hyder Flare, Hz
I ICE, Inclination, Inferior conjunction, Inferior planet, Interplanetary Magnetic Field (Imf), Ion, Ionosphere, Ionospheric Storm, IPAC, IPC, IR, IRAS, ISM, ISO, ISOE, Isotropic, IUS
J JGR, Jovian, JPL, Jupiter
K k, K-band, K Corona., K Index, Kelvin, kg, kHz, Kilometer, Klystron, km, Kp Index, KSC, Kuiper belt, KWF
L L-band, Lagrange points, LAN, Large Magellanic Cloud, Laser, Latitude, LCP, Leader Spot, Leap Year, LECP, LEO, LGA, Light, Light Bridge, Light speed, Light time, Light year, Limb, Limb Flare, LMC, LNA, Local time, Longitude, Loop Prominence System (Lps), LOS, Low Frequency (Lf), LOX
M M, M 3000, M100, Magflare, Magnetic Bay, Magnetic Cloud, Magnetic Local Time (Mlt), Magnetic Sunspot Classifications, Magnetogram, Magnetopause, Magnetosphere, Major axis, Majorflare, Mars, Maser, MC-cubed, MCCC, MCD, MCT, MDSCC, Mean solar time, Medium Frequency. (Mf), Mercury, Meridians, MESUR, Meteor, Meteorite, Meteoroid, Mev, MGA , MGN, MHz, Micrometer, Micron, Microwave Burst, Middle Latitudes, Milky Way, Millimeter, MIT, MLI , mm, MO, Modulation, MON, Moon, MOSO, Mount Wilson Magnetic Classifications. Alpha, MR, Multiplexing
N N, Nadir, Nanotesla (Nt), NASA, NE, Neptune, Neutral Line, NiCad, NIMS, NIST, nm, NMC, NOCC, Nodes, Non-coherent, NRZ, Nucleus, Nutation
O OB, One-way, Oort cloud, OPCT, OPNAV, OSI, OSR, OSSA, OTM, OWLT
P P, Packet, PAM, Parallels, Pathfinder, PDS, PDT, PE, Penumbra. The Sunspot Area That May Surround The Darker Umbra Or Umbrae, Periapsis, Perigee, Perihelion, Perijove, Perilune, Periselene, Persistence, Phase, Photosphere, Photovoltaic, PHz, PI, Picometer, PIO, Plage, Plage Corridor, Plagenil, Plasma, PLL, Pluto, pm, PN10, PN11, Polar Cap Absorption (Pca), Post-Flare Loops, Prograde, Prominence, Proton, Proton Event, Proton Flare, PST, PSU
Q Quasar, Quiescent Prominence (Filament), Quiet
R RA, Radian, Radio Emission, Radio Event, RAM, RCP, Recurrence, Red dwarf, Reflection, Refraction, Retrograde, RF, RFI, Right Ascension, Riometer (Relative Ionospheric Opacity Meter), RNS, ROM, RPIF, RS, RTG, RTLT
S S-band, SA, SAF, SAR, Satellite, Saturn, SC, SCET, SCLK, Sec, Sector Boundary, SEDR, SEF, SEGS, Semi-major axis, SFOF, SFOS, Shepherd moons, Short Wave Fade (Swf), SI, Sidereal time, SIRTF, SMC, Smoothed Sunspot Number, SNR, SOE, Solar Coordinates. Central Meridian Distance (Cmd), Solar Cycle, Solar Maximum, Solar Minimum, Solar Sector Boundary (Ssb), Solar wind, SPC, Spectrum, Sporadic E, Spotnil, SSA, SSI, SSIS, STD, STS, Subcarrier, Sudden Commencement(Sc, Or Ssc For Storm Sudden Commencement), Sudden Impulse (Si+ Or Si-), Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (Sid), Sun synchronous orbit, Sunspot, SUNSPOT GROUP CLASSIFICATION (Modified Zurich Sunspot Classification)., Sunspot Number, Superior conjunction, Superior planet, Surge, SWG
T T, TAU, TCM, TDM, Termination shock, Terrestrial planet, Three-way, THz, TLM, TMOD, TOS, Transducer, Transponder, TRC, TRK, TRM, True anomaly, TWNC, Two-Ribbon Flare, Two-way, TWT, TWTA, TXR, Type I, II, III, Iv
U U Burst, UHF, ULS, Ultra High Frequency (Uhf), Umbra, Universal Time (Ut), Unsettled, Uplink, Uranus, USO, UT, UTC, UV
V Venus, Very High Frequency (Vhf), Very Low Frequency (Vlf), VGR1, VGR2, VLBI
W W, Walking orbit, Wavelength, White Light (Wl), White Light Flare, Wolf Number
X X-band, X-ray, X-Ray Background, X-Ray Burst, X-Ray Flare Class
Z Z, Zenith, Zurich Sunspot Classification

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