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Everything about Oscilloscope

Intermediate Electronics -
Oscilloscope Tutorial

The Oscilloscope

Oscilloscopes are used by everyone from television repair technicians to physicists. They are indispensable for anyone designing or repairing electronic equipment.

Oscilloscope Terminology

Learning a new skill often involves learning a new vocabulary. This idea holds true for learning how to use an oscilloscope. This section describes some useful measurement and oscilloscope performance terms.

Setting Up

This section briefly describes how to set up and start using an oscilloscope - specifically, how to ground the oscilloscope, set the controls in standard positions, and compensate the probe.

The Controls

This section briefly describes the basic controls found on analog and digital oscilloscopes. Remember that some controls differ between analog and digital oscilloscopes; your oscilloscope probably has controls not discussed here.

Measurement Techniques

This section teaches you basic measurement techniques. The two most basic measurements you can make are voltage and time measurements. Just about every other measurement is based on one of these two fundamental techniques.

Video Tutorial

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