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The distance from crest to crest or trough to trough of an electromagnetic wave (see electromagnetic radiation) or other wave.

Weak Force

The interaction that controls radioactive decay.

White Light

Visible light that includes all colors and, therefore, all visible wavelengths.


Unit of power, one joule per second.


Distance between corresponding points on two successive waves.

Wave Pulse

Single disturbance moving through a medium or field.

Weak Boson: particle that carries or transmits the weak interaction of force.

Weak Interaction

Force involved in beta decay of the neutron and atomic nuclei; one aspect of the electroweak force.


Force of gravity of an object.


Object in freefall, on which only the gravitational force acts.

Wilson Cloud Chamber

Chamber containing supersaturated vapor through which ionizing radiation leaves trails of visible droplets.


Product of force and displacement in the direction of the force.

Work Function

Energy needed to remove an electron from metal.

Work Energy Theorem

Work done on object is equal to the change in its kinetic energy.

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