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TeV - Trillion electron volts (1012)

Thermal Gas - A collection of particles that collide with each other and exchange energy frequently, giving a distribution of particle energies that can be characterized by a single temperature.

Thermal Particle - A particle that is part of a thermal gas.

Thermal Radiation - Electromagnetic radiation emitted by electrons in a thermal gas.

Thermonuclear Fusion - The combination of atomic nuclei at high temperatures to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy. Thermonuclear fusion is the power source at the core of the Sun. Controlled thermonuclear fusion reactors, when successfully implemented, could become an attractive source of power on the Earth.

Toroidal Radius - In a solar loop structure, it is the distance from the axis of the loop to the center of the "semi-circle" that the loop forms. Half of the distance from one loop footpoint to the other loop footpoint. For a doughnut, it is the distance from the center of the doughnut hole to the center (circular axis) of the pastry. See also Poloidal Radius.

Tangent - The ratio of the opposite side and the adjacent side.

Temperature - Measure of hotness of object on a quantitative scale. In gases, proportional to average kinetic energy of molecules.

Terminal Velocity - Velocity of falling object reached when force of air resistance equals weight.

Test Charge - Charge used, in principle, to measure electric field.

Thermal Energy - Internal energy. Sum of kinetic and potential energy of random motion of particles making up object.

Thermal Equilibrium - State between two or more bodies where temperatures do not change.

Thermal Expansion - Increase of length or volume of object due to change in temperature.

Thermometer - Device used to measure temperature.

Thermonuclear Reaction - Nuclear Fusion.

Thin-Film Interference - Light interference caused by reflection from both front and rear surface of thin layer of liquid or solid.

Timbre - Sound quality or tone color; spectrum of sound frequencies that produce a complete wave.

Time Interval - Difference in time between two clock readings.

Tokamak - Type of fusion reactor.

Tone Color - Timbre or tone quality.

Torque - Product of force and the lever arm.

Trajectory - The path followed by projectile.

Transformer - Device to transform energy from one electrical circuit to another by means of mutual inductance between two coils.

Transistor - Semiconductor device that controls large current by means of small voltage changes.

Translucent - Material transmitting light without but distorting its path.

Transmutation - Nuclear change from one element to another.

Transparent - Material transmitting light without distorting directions of waves.

Transverse Waves - Wave in which disturbance is perpendicular to direction of travel of wave.

Traveling Wave - Moving, periodic disturbance in a medium or field.

Trigonometry - Branch of math that deals with the relationship among angles and sides of triangles.

Trough of Wave - Low point of wave motion, where displacement is most negative.

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