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Macrocosm - Also called a Linac, a scientific machine in which particles are accelerated in groups along a straight line path.

Magnetic Field - A field of force that is generated by electric currents. The Sun's average large-scale magnetic field, like that of the Earth, exhibits a north and a south pole linked by lines of magnetic force.

Magnetic Field Lines - Imaginary lines that indicate the strength and direction of a magnetic field. The orientation of the line and an arrow show the direction of the field. The lines are drawn closer together where the field is stronger. Charged particles move freely along magnetic field lines, but are inhibited by the magnetic force from moving across field lines.

Megaton - An explosive force equal to one million metric tons of TNT. The energy released in the explosion of one megaton of TNT is equal to 4.2 x 1022 ergs.

MeV - One million electron volts.

Microcosm - A large system.

Machine - Device that changes force needed to do work.

Magnification - Ratio of size of an optical image to the size of the object.

Manipulated Variable - Variable that the experimenter can change.

Mass Defect - Mass equivalent of the binding energy; m=E/c^ 2

Mass Number - Number of nucleons ( protons plus neutrons) in the nucleus of an atom.

Mass Spectrometer - Device used to measure the mass of atoms or molecules.

Matter Wave - Wave-like properties of particles such as electrons.

Mechanical Advantage - Ratio of resistance force to effort force in a machine.

Mechanical Energy - Sum of potential and kinetic energy.

Mechanical Resonance - Condition at which natural oscillation frequency equals frequency of driving force; amplitude of oscillatory motion at a maximum.

Mechanical Wave - Wave consisting of periodic motion of matter; e.g. sound wave or water wave as opposed to electromagnetic wave.

Melting Point - Temperature at which substance changes from solid to liquid state.

Meson - Medium mass subatomic particle consisting of combination of a quark and antiquark.

Meter - SI unit of length.

Mirror Equation - 1/do +1/di=1/f, where do is object distance, di is image distance, f is focal length.

Moderator - Material used to decrease speed of neutrons in nuclear reactor.

Momentum - Product of object’s mass and velocity.

Monochromatic Light - Light of a single wavelength.

Mutual Inductance - Measures the amount of overlap between the magnetic flux produced in one coil and that which passes through a second coil, thus the amount of EMP induced in a secondary coil by the varying flux in the primary coil.

Myopia - Defect of eye, commonly called nearsightedness, in which distant objects focus in front of the retina.

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