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Van Allen Belts

Two ring-shaped regions that girdle the Earth's equator in which electrically charged particles are trapped by the Earth's magnetic field. See South Atlantic Anomaly or radiation belts.

Valence Band

In a solid, the range of energies of electrons that are bound to atoms.

Vector Quantity

Quantity having both magnitude (size) and direction.

Vector Resolution

Process of finding the effective value of a component in a given direction.


Ratio of change in position to time interval over which change takes place.

Velocity-Time Graph

Plot of velocity of object as a function of time.

Virtual Image

Point from which light rays appear to diverge without actually doing so.

Viscous Fluid

Fluid that creates force that opposes motion of objects through it. The force is proportional to object’s speed.

Volatile Liquid

Liquid that is easily vaporized.

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