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Plain & Simple Robot

Robotics is not only a science, but it is also an art. The bots we build reflect the ideas and personalities we portray. This tutorial will help you go from beginner to hobbyist. There are also quizzes at the end of some of the lessons to see how much you have learned.

Question: Don't I have to be an engineer or have an engineering degree to build a robot?

Answer: Not necessarily. You may have a bit of an advantage if you do, but you need not be that talented to build a robot. Just a desire to build something that will move is all you need.

Lesson 1 - Getting Started

Lesson 2 - Down to the Basics

Lesson 3 - Tools of the Trade

Lesson 4 - Shopping Thrifty

Lesson 5 - Electronic Components

Lesson 6 - Electronic Design and Construction

Lesson 7 - Plastic Platform Construction

Click Here for Cybot Robot Overview

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