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Overview of Cybot


Cybot RobotCybot is a small 3 wheeled robot. It has two motors at the back which provide the drive and steering of Cybot. At the front is a free wheel castor, which is able to rotate 360o.

Cybot uses two type of sensors: light and ultrasonics.

Light is detected by using two LDR (Light Dependant Resistors). The resistance of these devices change depending on the amount of light falling on them.

There are four ultrasonic sensors. These emit a high pitch sound. If the sound hits an object, it will reflect the high pitch sound, and Cybot will know that it is there.

Depending on the mode, Cybot will either follow the light/object or avoid it.

Cybot is controlled by a main microcontroller, manufactured by Elan see Links bellow.

We intend to provide information on the Cybot, along with ideas for modifying it. Part of the   modification is to add new sensors and to re-program the microcontroller that comes with Cybot. The only snag with the microcontroller is that it cannot be re-programmed. However, it can be changed for a Microchip PIC, which can be. However, We appreciate that not many people have experience in the PIC, so that is why we have included a tutorial on programming a PIC, along with how it can be interfaced with Cybot.

Don't worry if you have never done anything like this before, it is easier than you think!!

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