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Author: Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Email:  ad.noctis@gmail.com

Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Title Format Author
Terms of FidoCad doc Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Terms of Eagle html Internet Resource
Supply PCB for DIY home made html (Gerber) Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Micro-GT (PIC versatile IDE) Eagle-gerber Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Let's GO PIC - Micro-mini GT Tutorial (grix) Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
LED Traffic Lights to save energy Fidocad Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
ICSP - In Circuit Serial Programming html Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Basic Theory and Applications of MOSFET Tutorial Engineer Marco Gottardo
Let's Go PIC - (Chapter 1) - Compiler Setting (Project Creation & Simulation )


Engineer Marco Gottardo
Let's Go PIC (Chapter2) - Go Online Tutorial Engineer Macro Gattardo
Let's Go PIC (Chapter 3) - Digital I/O Tutorial Engineer Macro Gattardo
Lets Go PIC - Microcontroller Tutorial Book

Let's GO PIC!!! The book
By Marco Gottardo

Marco Gottardo collects in this volume the gist of 20 years of instruction and job in the field of electronics and automation. The text represents the first volume of a series even oriented to the self-taught, that it will supply solid slight knowledge, although basic in the programming of microcontrollers PIC. Inside the book there are numerous problems and exercises and term papers completely unrolled and totally school developed which are milestones for each industrial automation course proper.

Noteworthy chapters devoted to understanding interrupts, analog signals, and use of the LCD display. The treated language is HITECH C included on MPLAB IDE and the Hardware Platform is the Micro-GT mini and i.d.e, easily found on the net. I have also explained the LadderPIC language that will allow to program microcontrollers with PLC mode. The volume will be followed by the text "Let's Make Robots!" in distribution from December 2012. This volume gives the basis for robotics.

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