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ICSP - In Circuit Serial Programming

Author: Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Email:  [email protected]

Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo

The mode 'programming Flasch internal EEPROM of a PIC, ICSP called, is to present a voltage typically between 13.2 and 15V and predisposed to a specific pin of the PIC in order to "open" communication with the memory area and enable the system hardware will take 'charge of addressing segments of the program depending on the flow coming from the serial.

There you will have to 'worry about managing the progress of the pointer to the EEPROM because' this and 'already' prepared.

This type of programming and 'widely used in mode' serial with MAX232 on board, and that is' best for the Micro-Mini GT.

The 6-pin of the connector shown in the lower right coincide with the system used by PICKIT2 and PICKIT3 and are the same available in the form of streepline male on the Micro-GT, which allows the interface.

In the various wainscots the pins are moved and thus the potential ICSP cable must be connected accordingly.

The ICSP cable for use in the Micro-IDE and versatile GT 'instead the following

ICSP connector to be built using 5 position streep female line (if possible to keep the colors).

The correct position of the ICSP connector is shown in the following figure. you can use either connector   ICSP1   or   ICSP2   On board since these are in parallel and can even allow the programming of two chips at a time (one external to the card). It is recommended, if I respected were the colors, to keep Brown on the right. The suggestion to observe the color is due to the fact that it is not yet released its software "MG-Lab", you are taking care of cu is my friend Fabio, we will use the temporary PICPRO2009 (easy to find online) that will recognize the device as "8076", or ICPROG set as JDM setting cable reversed (depend on the serial cable used).

ICSP connector of Micro-IDE GT versatile and there are two parallel connections percu 'can flaschare two microcontrollers simultaneously.

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