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Stepper Motor Tutorial

Microstep Motor Winding

Microstepping is a relatively new stepper motor technology that controls the current in the motor winding to a degree that further subdivides the number of positions between poles. AMS microstep drives are capable of rotating at 1/256 of a step (per step), or over 50,000 steps per revolution.

Micro Step Motor Winding Diagram

Microstepping is typically used in applications that require accurate positioning and a fine resolution over a wide range of speeds.

MAX-2000 microstep drives integrate state-of-the-art hardware with "VRMC" (Variable Resolution Microstep Control) technology developed by AMS. At slow shaft speeds, VRMCs produces high resolution microstep positioning for silent, resonance-free operation. As shaft speed increases, the output step resolution is expanded using "on-motor-pole" synchronization. At the completion of a coarse index, the target micro position is trimmed to 1/100 of a (command) step to achieve and maintain precise positioning.

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