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Stepper Motor Tutorial

Indexer Overview

The indexer, or controller, provides step and direction outputs to the driver. Most applications require that the indexer manage other control functions as well, including acceleration, deceleration, steps per second and distance. The indexer can also interface to and control, many other external signals.

Indexer Diagram

Microprocessor based indexers offer a great deal of flexibility in that they can operate in either stand-alone mode or interfaced to a host computer. The following illustration highlights the elements of a typical AMS indexer:

Stepper Motor Controller IC Diagram

Communication to the indexer is either Bus-based or through an RS-232/ RS-422 serial port. In either case, the indexer is capable of receiving high level commands from a host computer and generating the necessary step and direction pulses to the driver.

The indexer includes an auxiliary I/O for monitoring inputs from external sources such as a Go, Jog, Home or Limit switch. It can also initiate other machine functions through the I/O output pins.

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