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Microprocessor Tutorials (8085/8085A)

8085 / 8085A
Mnemonics Opcode Instruction Set Table
with Description


|Mnemonic |Op|SZAPC|~s|Description               |Notes        |


|ACI n    |CE|*****| 7|Add with Carry Immediate  |A=A+n+CY     |

|ADC r    |8F|*****| 4|Add with Carry            |A=A+r+CY(21X)|

|ADC M    |8E|*****| 7|Add with Carry to Memory  |A=A+[HL]+CY  |

|ADD r    |87|*****| 4|Add                       |A=A+r   (20X)|

|ADD M    |86|*****| 7|Add to Memory             |A=A+[HL]     |

|ADI n    |C6|*****| 7|Add Immediate             |A=A+n        |

|ANA r    |A7|****0| 4|AND Accumulator           |A=A&r   (24X)|

|ANA M    |A6|****0| 7|AND Accumulator and Memory|A=A&[HL]     |

|ANI n    |E6|**0*0| 7|AND Immediate             |A=A&n        |

|CALL a   |CD|-----|18|Call unconditional        |-[SP]=PC,PC=a|

|CC a     |DC|-----| 9|Call on Carry             |If CY=1(18~s)|

|CM a     |FC|-----| 9|Call on Minus             |If S=1 (18~s)|

|CMA      |2F|-----| 4|Complement Accumulator    |A=~A         |

|CMC      |3F|----*| 4|Complement Carry          |CY=~CY       |

|CMP r    |BF|*****| 4|Compare                   |A-r     (27X)|

|CMP M    |BF|*****| 7|Compare with Memory       |A-[HL]       |

|CNC a    |D4|-----| 9|Call on No Carry          |If CY=0(18~s)|

|CNZ a    |C4|-----| 9|Call on No Zero           |If Z=0 (18~s)|

|CP a     |F4|-----| 9|Call on Plus              |If S=0 (18~s)|

|CPE a    |EC|-----| 9|Call on Parity Even       |If P=1 (18~s)|

|CPI n    |FE|*****| 7|Compare Immediate         |A-n          |

|CPO a    |E4|-----| 9|Call on Parity Odd        |If P=0 (18~s)|

|CZ a     |CC|-----| 9|Call on Zero              |If Z=1 (18~s)|

|DAA      |27|*****| 4|Decimal Adjust Accumulator|A=BCD format |

|DAD B    |09|----*|10|Double Add BC to HL       |HL=HL+BC     |

|DAD D    |19|----*|10|Double Add DE to HL       |HL=HL+DE     |

|DAD H    |29|----*|10|Double Add HL to HL       |HL=HL+HL     |

|DAD SP   |39|----*|10|Double Add SP to HL       |HL=HL+SP     |

|DCR r    |3D|****-| 4|Decrement                 |r=r-1   (0X5)|

|DCR M    |35|****-|10|Decrement Memory          |[HL]=[HL]-1  |

|DCX B    |0B|-----| 6|Decrement BC              |BC=BC-1      |

|DCX D    |1B|-----| 6|Decrement DE              |DE=DE-1      |

|DCX H    |2B|-----| 6|Decrement HL              |HL=HL-1      |

|DCX SP   |3B|-----| 6|Decrement Stack Pointer   |SP=SP-1      |

|DI       |F3|-----| 4|Disable Interrupts        |             |

|EI       |FB|-----| 4|Enable Interrupts         |             |

|HLT      |76|-----| 5|Halt                      |             |

|IN p     |DB|-----|10|Input                     |A=[p]        |

|INR r    |3C|****-| 4|Increment                 |r=r+1   (0X4)|

|INR M    |3C|****-|10|Increment Memory          |[HL]=[HL]+1  |

|INX B    |03|-----| 6|Increment BC              |BC=BC+1      |

|INX D    |13|-----| 6|Increment DE              |DE=DE+1      |

|INX H    |23|-----| 6|Increment HL              |HL=HL+1      |

|INX SP   |33|-----| 6|Increment Stack Pointer   |SP=SP+1      |

|JMP a    |C3|-----| 7|Jump unconditional        |PC=a         |

|JC a     |DA|-----| 7|Jump on Carry             |If CY=1(10~s)|

|JM a     |FA|-----| 7|Jump on Minus             |If S=1 (10~s)|

|JNC a    |D2|-----| 7|Jump on No Carry          |If CY=0(10~s)|

|JNZ a    |C2|-----| 7|Jump on No Zero           |If Z=0 (10~s)|

|JP a     |F2|-----| 7|Jump on Plus              |If S=0 (10~s)|

|JPE a    |EA|-----| 7|Jump on Parity Even       |If P=1 (10~s)|

|JPO a    |E2|-----| 7|Jump on Parity Odd        |If P=0 (10~s)|

|JZ a     |CA|-----| 7|Jump on Zero              |If Z=1 (10~s)|

|LDA a    |3A|-----|13|Load Accumulator direct   |A=[a]        |

|LDAX B   |0A|-----| 7|Load Accumulator indirect |A=[BC]       |

|LDAX D   |1A|-----| 7|Load Accumulator indirect |A=[DE]       |

|LHLD a   |2A|-----|16|Load HL Direct            |HL=[a]       |

|LXI B,nn |01|-----|10|Load Immediate BC         |BC=nn        |

|LXI D,nn |11|-----|10|Load Immediate DE         |DE=nn        |

|LXI H,nn |21|-----|10|Load Immediate HL         |HL=nn        |

|LXI SP,nn|31|-----|10|Load Immediate Stack Ptr  |SP=nn        |

|MOV r1,r2|7F|-----| 4|Move register to register |r1=r2   (1XX)|

|MOV M,r  |77|-----| 7|Move register to Memory   |[HL]=r  (16X)|

|MOV r,M  |7E|-----| 7|Move Memory to register   |r=[HL]  (1X6)|

|MVI r,n  |3E|-----| 7|Move Immediate            |r=n     (0X6)|

|MVI M,n  |36|-----|10|Move Immediate to Memory  |[HL]=n       |

|NOP      |00|-----| 4|No Operation              |             |

|ORA r    |B7|**0*0| 4|Inclusive OR Accumulator  |A=Avr   (26X)|

|ORA M    |B6|**0*0| 7|Inclusive OR Accumulator  |A=Av[HL]     |

|ORI n    |F6|**0*0| 7|Inclusive OR Immediate    |A=Avn        |

|OUT p    |D3|-----|10|Output                    |[p]=A        |

|PCHL     |E9|-----| 6|Jump HL indirect          |PC=[HL]      |

|POP B    |C1|-----|10|Pop BC                    |BC=[SP]+     |

|POP D    |D1|-----|10|Pop DE                    |DE=[SP]+     |

|POP H    |E1|-----|10|Pop HL                    |HL=[SP]+     |

|POP PSW  |F1|-----|10|Pop Processor Status Word |{PSW,A}=[SP]+|



|Mnemonic |Op|SZAPC|~s|Description               |Notes        |


|PUSH B   |C5|-----|12|Push BC                   |-[SP]=BC     |

|PUSH D   |D5|-----|12|Push DE                   |-[SP]=DE     |

|PUSH H   |E5|-----|12|Push HL                   |-[SP]=HL     |

|PUSH PSW |F5|-----|12|Push Processor Status Word|-[SP]={PSW,A}|

|RAL      |17|----*| 4|Rotate Accumulator Left   |A={CY,A}<-   |

|RAR      |1F|----*| 4|Rotate Accumulator Righ   |A=->{CY,A}   |

|RET      |C9|-----|10|Return                    |PC=[SP]+     |

|RC       |D8|-----| 6|Return on Carry           |If CY=1(12~s)|

|RIM      |20|-----| 4|Read Interrupt Mask       |A=mask       |

|RM       |F8|-----| 6|Return on Minus           |If S=1 (12~s)|

|RNC      |D0|-----| 6|Return on No Carry        |If CY=0(12~s)|

|RNZ      |C0|-----| 6|Return on No Zero         |If Z=0 (12~s)|

|RP       |F0|-----| 6|Return on Plus            |If S=0 (12~s)|

|RPE      |E8|-----| 6|Return on Parity Even     |If P=1 (12~s)|

|RPO      |E0|-----| 6|Return on Parity Odd      |If P=0 (12~s)|

|RZ       |C8|-----| 6|Return on Zero            |If Z=1 (12~s)|

|RLC      |07|----*| 4|Rotate Left Circular      |A=A<-        |

|RRC      |0F|----*| 4|Rotate Right Circular     |A=->A        |

|RST z    |C7|-----|12|Restart              (3X7)|-[SP]=PC,PC=z|

|SBB r    |9F|*****| 4|Subtract with Borrow      |A=A-r-CY     |

|SBB M    |9E|*****| 7|Subtract with Borrow      |A=A-[HL]-CY  |

|SBI n    |DE|*****| 7|Subtract with Borrow Immed|A=A-n-CY     |

|SHLD a   |22|-----|16|Store HL Direct           |[a]=HL       |

|SIM      |30|-----| 4|Set Interrupt Mask        |mask=A       |

|SPHL     |F9|-----| 6|Move HL to SP             |SP=HL        |

|STA a    |32|-----|13|Store Accumulator         |[a]=A        |

|STAX B   |02|-----| 7|Store Accumulator indirect|[BC]=A       |

|STAX D   |12|-----| 7|Store Accumulator indirect|[DE]=A       |

|STC      |37|----1| 4|Set Carry                 |CY=1         |

|SUB r    |97|*****| 4|Subtract                  |A=A-r   (22X)|

|SUB M    |96|*****| 7|Subtract Memory           |A=A-[HL]     |

|SUI n    |D6|*****| 7|Subtract Immediate        |A=A-n        |

|XCHG     |EB|-----| 4|Exchange HL with DE       |HL<->DE      |

|XRA r    |AF|**0*0| 4|Exclusive OR Accumulator  |A=Axr   (25X)|

|XRA M    |AE|**0*0| 7|Exclusive OR Accumulator  |A=Ax[HL]     |

|XRI n    |EE|**0*0| 7|Exclusive OR Immediate    |A=Axn        |

|XTHL     |E3|-----|16|Exchange stack Top with HL|[SP]<->HL    |


| PSW        |-*01 |  |Flag unaffected/affected/reset/set      |

| S          |S    |  |Sign (Bit 7)                            |

| Z          | Z   |  |Zero (Bit 6)                            |

| AC         |  A  |  |Auxilary Carry (Bit 4)                  |

| P          |   P |  |Parity (Bit 2)                          |

| CY         |    C|  |Carry (Bit 0)                           |


| a p                 |Direct addressing                       |

| M z                 |Register indirect addressing            |

| n nn                |Immediate addressing                    |

| r                   |Register addressing                     |


|DB n(,n)             |Define Byte(s)                          |

|DB 'string'          |Define Byte ASCII character string      |

|DS nn                |Define Storage Block                    |

|DW nn(,nn)           |Define Word(s)                          |


| A  B  C  D  E  H  L |Registers (8-bit)                       |

| BC  DE  HL          |Register pairs (16-bit)                 |

| PC                  |Program Counter register (16-bit)       |

| PSW                 |Processor Status Word (8-bit)           |

| SP                  |Stack Pointer register (16-bit)         |


| a  nn               |16-bit address/data (0 to 65535)        |

| n  p                |8-bit data/port (0 to 255)              |

| r                   |Register (X=B,C,D,E,H,L,M,A)            |

| z                   |Vector (X=0H,8H,10H,18H,20H,28H,30H,38H)|


| +  -                |Arithmetic addition/subtraction         |

| &  ~                |Logical AND/NOT                         |

| v  x                |Logical inclusive/exclusive OR          |

| <-  ->              |Rotate left/right                       |

| <->                 |Exchange                                |

| [ ]                 |Indirect addressing                     |

| [ ]+  -[ ]          |Indirect address auto-inc/decrement     |

| { }                 |Combination operands                    |

| ( X )               |Octal op code where X is a 3-bit code   |

| If ( ~s)            |Number of cycles if condition true      |


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