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Clocked R-S Flip-Flop Tutorial

Clocked R-S Flip-Flop Diagram

To ensure that flip-flops change in synchronism with other parts of the circuit, they are not allowed to change state until they receive a CLOCK PULSE.

SET and  RESET cannot affect the outputs unless the clock pulse is high.

In the  TIMING DIAGRAM below, at  A, SET is HIGH but the CLOCK is LOW, so there is no change in the outputs.

At B, SET is still HIGH, and CLOCK is HIGH.
Therefore Q goes HIGH.

At C, the CLOCK is HIGH and RESET has gone HIGH.
Therefore Q goes LOW.

At D,  the CLOCK is HIGH but SET is LOW.
There is no change in output levels.

At E, CLOCK and SET are both HIGH.
Q goes HIGH.

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