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Transistors Datasheets

2N2222         NPN Switching Transistor

2N2369         NPN Small Signal Transistor

2N2484         NPN GP Transistor

2N2905         PNP GP Amplifier

2N2907         PNP GP Amplifier

2N3055         NPN Complimentary High Power Transistor

2N3393         NPN GP Amplifier

2N3704         NPN GP Amplifier

2N3767         NPN Power Transistor

2N3903         NPN GP Amplifier

2N3904         NPN GP Amplifier

2N3905         PNP GP Amplifier

2N3906         PNP GP Amplifier

2N4240         NPN Medium Power Transistor

2N4249         PNP Low Noise Amplifier

2N4250         PNP Low Noise Amplifier

2N4258         PNP Switching Transistor

2N4400         NPN GP Amplifier

2N5086         PNP GP Amplifier

2N5087         PNP GP Amplifier

2N5088         NPN GP Amplifier

2N5089         NPN GP Amplifier

2N5179         RF & Microwave LP Transistor

2N5769         NPN Switching Transistor

2N5770         NPN RF Transistor

2N5771         PNP Switching Transistor

2N6107         PNP Power Transistor

2N6121         NPN Complimentary Power Transistor

2N6292         NPN Power Transistor

2N6423         PNP Power Transistor

2N6476         PNP Medium Power Transistor

BC549          NPN GP Transistor

BC559          PNP Epitaxial Transistor

BFR90          RF & Microwave LP Transistor

CA3046         NPN Transistor Array

LM395           Ultra Reliable Power Transistor

MJ2501         PNP Medium Power Complimentary Transistor

MJ2955         NPN Medium Power Transistor

MJ3001         NPN Medium Power Complimentary Transistor

MJ10024      NPN Medium Power Darlington Transistor

MJE370        PNP Complimentary Power Transistor

MJE520        NPN Complimentary Power Transistor

MJE700        PNP Power Darlington Transistor

MJE800        NPN Power Darlington Transistor

MJE2955      PNP Si Transistor

MJE3055      NPN Si Transistor

MJE15032    NPN Power 

MJE15033    PNP Power 

MJE18006    Switch Mode Power 

MJF32C        PNP Power  Transistor

MPSA05       NPN General Purpose Amplifier

MPSA06       NPN General Purpose Amplifier

MPSA13       NPN Darlington Transistor

MPSA20       NPN Si Amplifier Transistor

MPSA42       NPN High Voltage Amplifier

MPSA56       PNP General Purpose Amplifier

MPSA63       PNP Darlington Transistor

MPSA92       PNP High Voltage Transistor

PN3565         NPN GP Amplifier

TIP29            NPN Power Transistor

TIP30            PNP Power Transistor

TIP33C          NPN  Power Transistor

TIP34C          PNP  Power Transistor

TIP110          NPN Power Darlington Transistor

TIP121          NPN Power Darlington Transistor

TIP126          PNP Power Darlington Transistor

TIS93            PNP Transistor

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