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FET, JFET, MOSFET etc. Datasheets

2N4351           MOSFET, N-Channel, GP Amplifier/Switch

2N4393           JFET, N-Channel, Switch

2N5460           JFET, P-Channel, Amplifier

2N5486           JFET, N-Channel, HF Amplifier

2N7000           MOSFET, N-Channel, Enhancement-Mode

BS107            MOSFET, N-Channel, Small Signal 

BS170            MOSFET, N- Channel, Enhancement-Mode

MPF102          JFET, N-Channel,  RF Amplifier

MTP10N10E    MOSFET, N Channel, Power 

MTP12N10E    MOSFET, N Channel, Power 

MTP16N25E    MOSFET, N Channel, Power 

MTP27N10E    MOSFET, N Channel, Power 

MTP33N10E    MOSFET, N Channel, Power 

MTP2955         MOSFET, P-Channel, Power 

MTP3055         MOSFET, N-Channel Power,

SD214DE        DMOSFET, N-Channel

U310               JFET, N-Channel, HF Amplifier

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