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Diodes, Diac etc. Datasheets

1N34A                          Ge Diode

1N270                           Ge Diode

1N2970 - 1N3015B         10W Zener Diodes

1N3016B - 1N3045B       1W Zener Diodes

1N3491 - 1N3495            Si Power Rectifier Diodes

1N3659 - 1N3665            Si Power Rectifier Diodes

1N3993 - 1N4000A         10W Zener Diodes

1N4001 - 1N4007            Si Rectifier Diodes

1N4148                          Si Switching Diode

1N4728A - 1N4752A        1W Zener Diodes

1N5817 - 1N5819            1A Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diodes

1N914                            Si Switching Diode

FMMV2101 - 2109           Si Variable Capacitance Diodes

HT-32 Diac                     Bilateral Trigger Diac

MAC212                         Triac

MR754                            High Current Rectifier Diodes

MR850 - MR858               Fast Recovery Rectifier Diodes

MUR420                          Switch mode Power Rectifier Diodes

MUR860                          Switch mode Power Rectifier Diodes

P6KE6.8 - P6KE200A       Transient Absorption Zener Diodes

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