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CMOS - CD4000 Series Datasheets

CD4001     Quad 2 input NOR gate

CD4002     Dual 4 input NOR gate

CD4007     Dual comp pair plus inverter

CD4008     4 bit full adder

CD4009     Hex buffer / converter inverting

CD4010     Hex buffer / converter non-inverting

CD4011     Quad 2 input NAND gate

CD4012     Dual 4 input NAND gate

CD4013     Dual D-Type flip flop with set/reset

CD4015     Dual 4 stage static shift register

CD4016     Quad bilateral switch

CD4017     Decade counter

CD4018     Preset Divide ny N counter

CD4020     14 stage binary counter

CD4022     Octal counter

CD4023     Triple 3 input NAND gate

CD4024     7 stage binary counter

CD4025     Triple 3 input NOR gate

CD4026     Decade counter / divider

CD4027     Dual JK master - slave flip flop

CD4028     BCD to decimal decoder

CD4030     Quad 2 input XOR gate

CD4033     Decade counter / divider

CD4035     4 stage PIPO shift register

CD4040     12 stage binary counter

CD4041     Quad true / compliment buffer

CD4042     Quad clocked D latch

CD4043     Quad 3 state R/S latch NOR

CD4044     Quad 3 state R/S latch NAND

CD4046     Phase locked loop

CD4047     Monostable / Astable multivibrator

CD4049     Hex buffer / converter inverting

CD4538     Dual precision monostable multivibrator

CD4543     BCD to 7 segment LCD driver

CD4555     Dual binary to 1 of 4 decoder

CD4556     Dual binary to 1 of 4 decoder

MC14557   Variable Length Shift Register

MC14584   Hex Schmitt Trigger

CD4050     Hex buffer / converter non-inverting

CD4051     8 channel MUX

CD4052     Differential 4 channel MUX

CD4053     Triple 2-channel analog multiplexer

CD4054     4 segment LCD driver

CD4055     BCD to 7 segment decoder / driver

CD4056     BCD to 7 segment decoder / driver

CD4059     Programmable divide by N counter

CD4060     14 stage ripple carry binary counter / divider

CD4063     4-bit comparator

CD4066     Quad bilateral switch

CD4068     8-input NAND/AND gate

CD4069     Hex inverter

CD4070     Quad 2 input XOR

CD4071     Quad 2 input OR

CD4072     Dual 4 input OR gate

CD4073     Triple 3 input AND gate

CD4075     Triple 3 input OR gate

CD4077     Quad 2 input XNOR gate

CD4081     Quad 2 input AND

CD4082     Dual 4 input AND gate

CD4089     Binary rate multiplier

CD4098     Dual monostable multivibrator

MC14469   Addressable UART

MC14495   BCD 70 &-seg latch/decoder/driver

CD4503     Hex buffer

CD4504     Hex voltage level shifter TTL-CMOS

CD4511     BCD to 7 segment latch decoder drivers

CD4514     4 bit latch / 4 to 16 line decoders

CD4515     4 bit latch / 4 to 16 line decoders

CD4518     Dual BCD up counter

CD4520     Dual binary up counter

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