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Dallas 80C320 / DS80C320
New Instruction Speed

New Execution Speed of Instructions

It is important to note that in addition to the DS80C320 executing instructions faster (in 4 cycles instead of12), the number of machine cycles used by various instructions may have changed.

The following instructions have changed in terms of number of instruction cycles used:

Note that in every case, the number of instruction cycles used by the DS80C320 has increased from what the 8052 uses. You may ask yourself, "Wait a minute, I thought you said this thing was fast?" To which Id have to reply, "It may not look like much, but its got it where it counts." Remember, an instruction cycle for the 80C320 is only 4 oscillator cycles whereas the 8052 uses 12. So, in the case of the last instruction on the list, 4 instruction cycles are consumed instead of 2. However, this equates to 16 oscillator cycles (4 instruction cycles * 4 cycles/instruction cycle) as opposed to 24 oscillator cycles (2 instruction cycles * 12 cycles/instruction cycle). A given instruction will always execute faster on the 80C320 than on an 8052; with the exception of the MOVX instructions which can be configured to intentionally execute very slowly.

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