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Block Diagrams
Tape Recorder Tutorial

The tape head consists of a ring of soft magnetic material, called the core,  with a small gap in it.
A coil is wound around the core. The tape travels over the gap in the core.


During recording, an audio signal causes current to flow through the coil producing a magnetic field in the gap, as shown by the blue lines of force in the diagram.

As the audio signal varies in amplitude and frequency so does the magnetic field.

The tape consists of a plastic film coated with a material that is magnetised by the field as it passes over the gap.

As the magnetic field varies in strength so does the magnetism stored on the tape.

During playback the tape passes over the same head. (it is called the record/playback head).

This time the magnetism stored on the tape induces a voltage in the head coil.

This  voltage is amplified and used to drive a loudspeaker. 


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