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Abbreviations used in Electronics - P

P - Pico (10-12)

P - Power

p - Instantaneous power

P - Positive, also peak

PA - Public address or power amplifier

pA - Picoampere

PAL - Programmable Array Logic

PAM, pam - Pulse amplitude modulation

Pap - Apparent power

Pav - Average power

PCB - Printed circuit board

PCM, pcm - Pulse-code modulation

PDM - Pulse-duration modulation

pF - Picofarad

PLD - Programmable Logic Device

PLL - Phase locked loop

PM - Phase modulation, also Permanent magnet

PNP - Positive-negative-positive

POT, pot - Potentiometer

P-P - Peak to peak

PPM - Pulse-position modulation
PRF - Pulse repetition frequency

PRT - Pulse repetition time

pw - Pulse width

PWM, pwm - Pulse width modulation
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